Vitamin Connection


Release: Out Now
Platform: Nintendo Switch™
Genre: Shooter
Developer: WayForward
Audio: English
Text: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese
Player(s): 1-2

About the Game

Prepare for a huge dose of fun in a microscopic world — either solo or together with a partner — in Vitamin Connection, available exclusively on Nintendo Switch! Join forces with Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl to take control of the minuscule Capsule Ship and embark on a journey to battle evil bacteria monsters, overcome numerous sub-games, and protect the Sable family (including the dog!) from a variety of hazardous and increasingly wacky situations! Form a connection and harness vitamin power to save the day!

Battle bacteria with your Capsule Ship across six colorful worlds plus numerous bonus stories and play a variety of sub-games featuring precision twisting, rhythmic action, IR-based reflex tests, and other challenges!
Play solo or team up with a friend in the asymmetric two-player mode with unique and innovative Joy-Con controls with HD Rumble!
Unlock ""New Game Pro"" mode to experience the story from a whole new perspective as the anti-hero...Pro-Biotic!

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Vitamin Connection for Nintendo Switch™

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